Cat scratching persian, losing hair chunks,thinning

by Tracy
(Hobart, IN USA)

When he was relaxed with full coat

When he was relaxed with full coat

Hi-I have a 4 yr old white flame point persian male feline. This year he is scratching more, and also finding hair chucks on our carpet. We thought with the change of seasons maybe his undercoat was coming out with new coat coming in, but, it seems heavier this year (hair pieces) and have also noticed him scratching more. Checked for signs of scabs, or irritation, no obvious signs. He eats Iams hairball rememdy dry food, and pro plan purina chicken. We thought maybe he has dry skin with the winter season coming so hooked up a humidifier for him, and still scratching and finding hair. I've noticed his coat is thinning, not the big poofy persian he usually is, and, wondering if we should be more conderned and take to the vet (which he detests), could it be ear mites? How do we self check? He is a scardy cat, but, have had no visitors regularly, or changes to upset him. Also, his back ripples or seems irritaed. I've read and searched on the internet, and there's so much info, I'm kind of overwhelmed, and don't want to go in the worng direction. Any advice, or ruling out things would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much~

Answer by Kate
Hi well there are many things which can cause fur loss from over grooming caused by anxiety to allergies, mites or skin conditions. Unfortunately unless it is a obvious parasite problem which you can see often the only other way to tell is for a vet to take a much closer look and perhaps even test.

Looking at your picture it does look like much more than normal shedding.

I have a web page about fur loss which you may find of further information here

If you really cannot see the cause then I would say that a trip to the vets may be in your cats best interest, especially3EW4 if it is causing them some distress which if they are scratching more could be the case.

I hope the cause can be found soon

best wishes Kate

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Persian cat loosing hair
by: Anonymous

Have you been able to find out what the problem was for your Persian loosing fur? Please let me know as I have one too who is suddenly loosing hair.


Cat pulls hair out
by: Anonymous

If you can't find any medical reasons ... Try his hair shaved off. The lion cut on long haired cats looks good and cats really like the shaved hair.

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