cat seems afraid to eat

by jean
(albany ny)

WE have been feeding and giving outdoor shelter to a cat for 3 years. This past month it seems afraid to eat, always looking around. I figured she got in a fight and is just scared. She use to eat if I sat next to her but still looks around like frighten, Now she will drink water or milk(very little) but when she takes a bite of dry food she runs away like someone just hit her. She is starting to get skinny and I will take her to the vet for an exam but can't afford a high vet bill for her(I have other animals who have run up quite a bill over the years). Any ideas what it could be? Please answer asap, I am afraid she will only get worse. Thank you. jean

Answer by Kate
Hi sorry to say it might be a thyroid problem, they are very common and makes the cats lose a lot of weight it can also make them a bit skittish as well which might explain her scared behavour. A blood test should confirm or not whether it is a problem or not, if it is then their is no other answer but vet treatment (sorry), if not ten at least you can put her behaviour down to her being generally scared of something, in which case the only answer is to try and make her eating environment feel more secure for her ie not out in the open but where she can see all around her easily.
Hope all goes well.

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Same with my cat
by: Anonymous

My cat does the same thing. Sometimes she eats and is fine. Other times she eats and then gags and runs off like something just bit her or hit her. Sometimes she just eats a little and then runs off. Often though now, she will look at her bowl with fear wanting to eat but like she's afraid something in the bowl is going to jump out and get her. It's crazy! I guess we need to go to the vet but I've been hesitant because most times in the past when we've gone, it's always been something they said would take 200-400 $ in tests to determine what it even is and even then, they may not be able to do anything. We just don't have the money and I hate going and paying a $65 exam fee and then leaving with nothing because we can't afford more to determine what's going on. :'(

Reply from Kate
It could be that she needs her teeth checked. It may be that eating causes her pain.

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