cat seems depressed

you guys did a wonderful job answering the question about my cat's hairballs now i have another question

we got a new kitten about month and a week ago...the first week our adult female cat played with the kitten and all...she has been sick for a bit they discovered asthma and been running tests and then ended up giving her a cortizone the mean time she won't play, sleeps on the window sill or in the u think this may have something to do with the kitten and not the asthma? she baths the kitten but just concerned she suddenly had some anxiety or depression set in over the kitten if are some ways we can adjust her to this?

Answer by Kate
well since the cat was playing with the kitten at first i wouldn't think that she has become depressed now because of the kitten. It is more likely that she may just be feeling under the weather.

Often cats will have a few days like this from time to time and so your best option is to just keep an eye on her and see if she picks up or not. If not then you may have to decide to go back to the vest again in case there is something else wrong.

In the mean time why not try and engage your cat with some new toys and games with you, sometimes distractions can help to pick a cat up again if it is just a mood issue.

best wishes Kate

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by: BreakfastCat

Hi there...

My cat has asthma...when they first diagnosed it (through excessive coughing) the vets gave him a one-off steroid shot too and it really affected my kitty. He just lay in his box and wouldn't move - he even wet himself while he was lying there. The symptoms only lasted about a day or so and then he was back to his normal self.

If your kitty has asthma, my advice would be to not rely on the steroid shots. They can have long term side effects...ask your vet for alternatives. We use the aerokat inhaler and that works really well.


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