Cat seems ill

by Kirsty

My cat is normally fine, but For the past few days it seems like he's ill. He wont eat or drink, and hes sleeping constantly. Hes also heabing a lot, but hes only bringing up phlegm. Please help.


Answer from Kate
Hi Unfortunately there is no way i could try and diagnose your cats problem from these symptoms as they are quite general and could be an indication of many different ill health problems.

However from these symptoms he is ill and so does need to see a vet if these continue for another day or so.

It could be something as simply as a hairball problem, see here

or it may be something more serious which needs medication.

if a cat stops eating and drinking completely for more than a few days then this is serious and he needs to see a vet as soon as possible. normally hairballs would not stop a cat from trying to eat or drink something unless it was a very large hairball in which case a vet would need to be consulted anyway.

I hope your cat is better soon

best wishes Kate

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