Cat seems scared

by Cindy
(California, Garden Grove)

I have a cat but she's not actually ours. We found her on the street and she's actually pretty clean. So far, we've had her for about 2 or 3 years. She's playful and loves being petted but then, yesterday, we didn't see her all day and she usually comes in our house quite often. Usually when we come home, she waits at our door. We tried calling her and she finally came in the house. My sister petted her but she growled at her and ran under my mother's bed. She doesn't usually go there and she just stays there and doesn't come out. Also, she growled at me when I tried to carry her, and she loves playing with me and follows me around a lot. I feed her by just putting the cat food near the bed now and she just pokes her head out to eat. But while she's eating, She had a whole bunch of tears coming out of her eyes. Then she goes back in the bed and curls into a ball. What's wrong with her?

Answer by Kate
Hi I would definately recommend that if she is the same after another day that you get her checked over a by a vet. She may have been injured while outside or even eaten something that may be causing her some distress.

her behaviour definitely sounds like she is either fearful 9which if the case should ease in a day or two) or she is in some discomfort or pain.

Hopefully she has just had an experience which may have upset her and that she is not hurt inany way. But as I say if the symptoms continue then it really is best to take her to the vets.

best wishes Kate

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