Cat Shedding Too Much Fur

by Nikki
(Colorado Springs)

My Cat Tigger is shedding lots of his fur, but there is no bald patches. We Moved recently but hes been in the house for a few months. So I am wondering is this stress or is there a flea allergy he has or is it skin problems or something? I Am worried and he has not be given a bath in quite a while. Should he see a Vet or should i use water to just clean his fur a bit without soap?

Answer by Kate
Cats will shed their fur in different quantities throughout trhe year, usually it depends on the environement so perhgaps your new home is warmer than the other and so he doesn't need so much fur. Regular brushing is all that is really needed not a bath. Buy a goog quality cat fur brish from your local pet shop, make sure it is suitable for your cats fur typw and use it at least twice a week. It will remove debris from the fur and any loose fur. It is also very good at getting down to the lower layers of fur, as cats have different layers or fur depending on their breed.

As long as your cat appears healthy bin every other way, i would not worry about this fur shedding. A cats body will regulate itself to suit the conditions and in some cast this can mean all year round shedding. brushing is really the answer.

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by: Anonymous

My cats and dog for that fact shed all year round and TONS. They too are not bald but all have shiny coats. They eat goods foods I have even switched to a holistic food to try and that didnt help. They all love to be brushed so they are brushed daily and this doesnt even help the slightest bit. I dont know what to do either. I have all hardwood floors and every day on all three floor I can sweep up a mountain. No exxageration. Are there vitamins?

Shedding hair
by: Leila

My cat is shedding a lot of hair. I bought a brush but she won't let me use it and she panics if I try. Any ideas please?

Answer by Kate
You need to get your cat used to you touching her in the same places and way that you will when you are grooming her so that she gets use to the sesation. Please see my grooming page for some steps in this

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