Cat sickness

by Clair

My Cat's nose is congested, chin is enlarged, eyes looked messed up, and a bruise on it's head. This cat has been missing for at least 2 days. I found it when i was up in the barn throwing down hay, he came out and was all discombobulated. I have him in a large separate cage, away from the other cats, in case what he has is contagious. I have food and water for him, and he is not eating . .or drinking, and he looks miserable also this is a outdoors cat, so going to a vet is not possible. .please help

Answer by Kate
I'm not sure what you mean about the cat being and outdoor cat and so cannot go to the vet. if you mean that it is wild then unfortunately if you have decided to provide care for him you will have to find a way to either get him to a vets or get the vet to visit.

This cat could be suffering from anything, which may or not be serious but a cat who is not eating or drinking is in need of some quick help. He most likely needs antibiotics as cat bites can be very nasty indeed. Without treatment infections can set in quickly and eventually be fatal.

Sorry but there is no magic answer I can give here. It is great that you have decided to look after him, but unfortunately only a vet will be able to treat his problems.

best wishes and I hope the cat can be treated soon.

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