Cat sleeping in litter box

by Pascale
(Cairo, Egypt)

For some time now, my cat has taken to sleeping in her litter box, which apart from being very unhealthy for her, a cat diagnosed with Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids, is also providing a very distinctive odour of Cat litter around our home and every place she then goes in or sits on. Please tell me what is going on and how to stop this behaviour. My house smells like a Litter box.

Answer by Kate
well she must feel safe and secure in her litter box to want to sleep in it. i wonder has there been any changes around the house which may have caused her to feel a little uncertain? perhaps new furniture or a visit from a stranger. Some cats can be very sensitive to the smallest of changes.

If it were me I would try the cat poder refresher you can buy to try and make the cat litter smell nice for you and perhasp not so for your cat well enough to not want to sleep in it anyway. An example of this powder is on this page

The I would buy her a new cushion or cat bed which I would rub with ehr scent by using a clean towel rubbed on her then on the cat bed. Place it is a safe quiet corner where she will feel secure.

Encourage her to use the bed by placing her on it whenever she looks like she wants to settle down.

It may even help to change your litter tray to one with a top and door, this may also deter her from wanting to sleep in it.

The idea is to try and break the current habit of sleeping in the litter tray and to instill in her a new routine.

best wishes Kate

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