Cat sleeping positions

by Cat Worrier

My cat has just started a habit of sleeping on tables, when there are three beds in the house, and lots of comfy chairs and rugs. We are worried that she may have a problem that we are not able to recognise.She is not acting any differently. Please tell us if this is just a change of sleeping posistions as she gets older, or maybe she has a problem inside her.

the cat worrier

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Pet Sleeping Position
by: CCG1969

My cat is a Siamese and he prefers tables, chairs, no biggie. My other cat is a Tabbie, he also likes to sleep on the table. My other cat is also a tabbie, loves the table in the kitchen.. There is nothing wrong with it, my cat is 9 years old and fat he loves the table because he can spread out and be cool. My other cat sleeps on the top of the refrigerator. Cats just generally like high places, if you had a cat tower, he'd probably sleep on that too. There is no underlying issue with a cat that sleeps wierd. My daughters cat sleeps upside down on her pillow with like a human, the other one that's mine, sleeps with a pillow under his head. There is no accounting for cats, I think they mimic their owners sometimes.

by: Kate

Well I have owned cats for over twenty years and in my experience they will sleep absolutely anywhere and everywhere. Little Mo will sleep on any surface including table and bags; it doesn't have to look particularly comfy to us. I wouldn't worry too much about your cat unless she starts to show signs of pain or distress or goes off her food. in which case a vet would be able to help. But for this new sleeping situation, i would just take it as normal cat quirky behaviour. :)

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