cat Sprayed me

We adopted 2 cats when they were 3 months old. They were spayed/neutered at the time of adoption. They are nearly 2 years old now. The male cat sprayed me for the first time about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I had been sitting on the balcony watching the sunset (whick we do often) when we came in I went and took a shower and back in our bedroom was putting on my nightclothes when my lil boy jumped on the bed and sprayed me.

Last night he did it again, I was laying crosswise on our bed looking at some photographs and he jumped on the bed and sprayed me.
He sleeps on the bed with us at night, sleeps on it during the day with his sister cat. I play with him, haven't changed any routines. I lay on the bed often and read and he usually joins me.
This is baffling to me and if possible I need to stop this behavior. He got me in my hair, arm and face.. nasty!


Well as you probably know this spraying behavior is a scent marking exercise for your cat.

They usually only resort to this sort of behavior when they feel threatened or their territory smells different and so they feel the need to mark it.

You are part of that territory and so is the bed. In fact the bed
area seems to be one of the main places cats will spray when they are feeling a little insecure . It is believed this is because the bed smells most strongly of you and so this is reassuring to them and they want to associate their smell with yours.

So something has definitely happened recently to make your cat feel a little uncertain about things.

unfortunately it may not be obvious to us. It could be a new scent, different soap or washing powder. It could be different people being in the house or even a new cat in the area.

You could try a period of litter training again .the method i recommned also gives the cat a time out from any other anxieties which may be causing the problem. It involves a few days in one room only, the process is described in ore detail here

The other option is to try and help your cat relax and calm down by using some of the cat calming sprays such as feliway or cat medication for calming.

If the behavior continues or if you notice a very strong smell in the urine I would recommned taking him to see the vet in case it turns out he has a UTI. Doesn't sound like that at the moment but if symptoms develop that could suggest this then the vet is the best option.

best wishes kate

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Mine sprayed me to
by: Anonymous

My male un neutered 8 month old did this about 10 minutes ago. Stood on the window sill and sprayed me and my bed from above my head. He has been very cuddly all day had loads of attention so cant understand it unless he saw a cat outside the window and sprayed me and my bed as his territory.
Ive also started my period this evening...has that triggered anything? Am i letting off a scent that's caused this?
Hes now been thrown on the landing with the wet smelly bedding and im sleeping in a bed with no bedding thanks to him

female cat sprayed me
by: Anonymous

It is currently 5am while im typing this. this girl decides to spray on me while im sleeping. RIGHT ON MY FACE. i left the room for at least 15 mins cause i was mad at her. I come back to realize shes in heat!! does that have anything to do with it?
we havent had any sudden changes at the moment, but like a week ago my mom brought in another cat. (shes a inside cat) my mom brought the cat in for her to have a "friend" but she was not having it. she was hissing at the other cat so my mom put the cat back outside. but thats the only thing that happened recently.

My female cat sprayed me
by: Anonymous

I have a one yr old female cat and she has for the past 3 months have been in heat off and on and is now spraying on my bed and next to a window. I know now after reading all the comments that my cat is stressed and marking her territory, because of cats she sees outside through the window. So getting her fixed will probably will not stop her from spraying. I will have to keep her from seeing any of the animals that happen to roam around outside.

To: the person who commented “It could be because he’s mad at you
by: Anonymous

Please have your cat neutered. That may help stop his indoor spraying behavior although now he’s started doing it, he may not stop. You’ve waited too long to have him fixed. Also, even if you only let him out during the day, how do you know he’s not roaming around impregnating unspayed female cats? You don’t. Letting an unaltered cat outside is irresponsible. I imagine cats have sec during the day too. Do the right thing and get him neutered as soon as possible...defied yiur sake, for his sake and for the sake of all those kittens he may create if left unfixed. Outdoor kittens usually have a life of suffering and either die or live in to create more kittens who suffer. Do your part to stop the cycle.

It could be cause he's mad at you
by: Anonymous

My boy is nearly 1 and he's not desexed yet. He's always been an inside cat til recently, but I keep him in at night. Usually he will come to the door of my room and tell me off for something, I'm guessing because he wants to go outside, but because I say no he gets cranky and I think this is why the next time he comes in he jumps up for what is a very quick pat then as he turns to jump down he sprays me. He's only done it 3 times but it's disgusting and tonight I smacked him as he jumped down.
I'm guessing he's hyping it because he's pissed at me but I can't let him outside at night because I don't want him fighting or impregnation any females who might be in the area on heat.
Does this sight have any suggestions or is there anyone who's been able to stop this from happening with their cat? Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

Spray from fixed calico
by: Anonymous

My spayed female of 3yrs has started spraying me. She seems to be happy with no problems but I can't deal with that smell! To night she had tried to get back in my lap to sleep for the night but I keep telling her no. She was kneeling the blanket when I find the wet spot on me. Only 1x spray in face. Ugh I want this to stop!

Why my cat Sprayed Me
by: Anonymous

My 10 month old cat who has not been spaded yet. He has sprayed me twice while lying in the bed. Before he sprayed me he was crying to either go outside, get my attention or because he may have a UTI. I think he sprayed me cause I was ignoring him cause it was time to go to bed. But because I was ignoring him and he wanted my attention right then and now is the reason he sprayed me. Once I was asleep when he did it. Normally when he cry's I ask him what's wrong with mama's baby. Or I'll know has crying to go outside. I started allowing him to adventure the outdoors. But because he's gotten into fights and fear of fleas or any other diseases he can get I stopped allowing him to go outside. Now I just tell him No outside. He's smart and understands but don't like it. So my explanation to why my cat sprayed me twice is because he wanted my attention immediately. Now he's very reluctant to spray me cause I spanked him with a belt. I keep the belt in the bed as a reminder. All I have to do now is pick up the belt and tell him No Pee Pee in mama's bed. Its working so far.

Was this revenge?
by: Bananyabunch

I am currently catsitting my bf’s moms cat and she came into the room I was in and sprayed my face while I was asleep 😭 she’s fixed and doesn’t have a uti, her litter box is clean and she has her own clean space so she usually doesn’t go inside the guest room. A little while ago before going to bed my bf and I gave her some medication for her cold and I had to force her to open her mouth so that she could swollow it and was very upset with me for the rest of the night. She usually doesn’t spray so I’m thinking she did it out of revenge lol 😭 It’s so late I can’t even type my eyes hurt and I’m so shook.

I know why, Judy don't know what to do
by: Charlie

My cat Charlie, I've had for about 3-4 years, he's 5... been fixed since he was a kitten.
Love him, but he hates a liter box, so he goes outside.
But if I don't let him out in his timing, he sprays.
On shoes, on furniture, the wall, and now he sprayed me.
So pissed off.... is there any answer here?

cat peed on me
by: Anonymous

My cat sprayed on me i was in bed no covers on i don't usually have them in the room my boy cat was on the bed i patted him and left him and then he was getting off the bed he sprayed me first time evera .

My cat sprayed me
by: Delia

I was in backyard, my cat walk up started rubbing up against me (I thought he wanted me to pet him)
When he turned and SPRAYED ME
Wth. First time (hopefully the last). Is this normal?

by: karen

I have been reading articles about being sprayed. If your cat sleeps with you the bedroom is there area.They will remark if there is an odour they dont like. In my case I had perfume on. I think this is why my cat sprayed me

Me too!
by: Stacy

OMG my 2 yr old male just sprayed me again! He did it once before but it's been a few months so I thought it was a one time thing. He seemed to not understand why it upset me and my lecture probably went right over his head. He is part of a litter that was born in my yard by a stray. I found a home for 2 of them but ended up with his mom, and 4 kittens plus the one older female who was mine already. Because of bad weather most of them are in the house a lot. He is the couch kitty and that is his place with me. He wants a lot of attention so I think that is why he marked me but what can I do about it??

me to
by: karen

My male cat has done this to me as well .He is a content cat. He is 9 years. I have been sprayed in bedroom at night. 3 times now.Reading the other comments is food for thought as to why he would spray me.He is an outdoor cat except he is in at night. Thought it may have been stressed to get out at night I am looking for an answer as it is not pleasant

Our cat does this too!
by: Anonymous

We also have a two year old male who we rescued and has started doing this recently, especially in mine and my partners face which stinks especially if it gets on clothing! He tends to do it if we stroke him a lot, so don't know if it might be linked to age/ maturity and getting excited by the stroking? Have tried Feliway and it makes no difference for us! Any tips would be amazing!

cat sprayed me
by: Anonsallyymous

My cat just sprayed all over me to my horra he came up be side me layed down turned on to his back and got me this is the second time his done this.We have just got him spayed so I was suprised it happened .I hope this stops never had a male cat do this befour.

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