Cat starving to death

Hi there!

I have a 9 year old bengal cat who, over the past couple of months, has lost interest in eating. He has been eating Acana for a number of years and has had no problems, but over the last while, he won't eat it. I have tried other foods but he isn't interested in any of it either. I have been told with Bengals not to change their food too often as they are a stressful cat.

I have implemented canned food, which he enjoys, but not enough. He is skin and bones right now and deteriorating rapidly.

His attitude and mannerisms, however, have not changed! He is energetic (I don't know how considering he doesn't eat), happy and cuddly!

He suffers from Pica (sp?) where he has gone as far as eating the insulation out of our walls, drywall, paper, etc. For a while he threw up blood, but that has stopped. He still throws up every day but it's usually his food or just hair ball stuff.

ANY advice would be appreciated! I want to have a fat, healthy cat!

Thank you!

Answer by KAte
Well it is true that cats often go off there food and want something else instead. this is a natural instinct as in the wild having only one food stuff could mean starvation if that food supply disappeared.

However this instinct can remain in our domesticated cats too and so changing their food now and again is fine.

in this case though i do wonder if there is an underlining illness there which will need further investigation by a vet. I really feel that you should take him for a check up as soon as possible where I suspect the vet may want some blood work done.

Don't delay too long before you go to the vets as the sooner he can be diagnosed the better chance he will have of recovery.

best wishes Kate

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heart disease
by: ron

idopathic cardio myopathy is what my cat Caesar was diagnosed with after not paying attention and realizing he'd lost a great deal of weight.
The conditon is common in mane coons, persians and american shorthair varities.
Although properly diagnosed my boy was not treated effectively and I lost him. It was devatating.
If this is your cats conditon or diagnosed with another check out this site
For Caesar and me it was too late I sincerely hope not for you.


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