cat steals socks

My female cat aged 1 yr keeps taking socks and other types of underwear and crying? She was spayed 2 months back after having her kittens in january this year. the kitten are still with her.

Well I don't think there is a definitive answer to this one. So I will give you my best guess.

Your socks and underwear will carry your scent, your scent is comforting to her. She may be feeling a little unsettled after all the recent happenings in her life and so she may be anxious and so she is crying and trying to make herself feel more secure by surrounding herself with your scent.

The fact that the kittens are still at home on her territory may also be upsetting her a little. In the wild the kittens would move on to their own territory.

I wouldn't worry too much about your cats behaviour, i would suggest that she will settle down soon. You could try some of the cat calming medications to help her through this period. see this page for more on those

Don't forget when the kittens get around 5 months old they will need to be spayed / neutered to prevent further upset.

best wishes kate

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