Cat suddenly barfs clear/milky white substance

by Kathy Hooker
(New Smyrna Beach,Fl USA)

We have a 8 year old orange and white male cat. Lately, he barfs a milky-white and/or clear substance everyday but not after he eats. He has a normal, cold, wet nose and looks and acts healthy for the most part although he is a bit lethargic. This kitty is also overweight but for a reason: Several years ago, he stopped eating and got very skinny (boney) so we took him to a Vet and the diagnosis was he was in liver failure. The vet said we should put him down because he didn't have much of a chance of survival. Instead of following his advice, we force-fed him a special diet and also gave him Shaklee liver detox for 3 days. It was one pill crushed up per day. in fact after the first treatment he began to eat. We did that for about 8 days and lo and behold, he began eating regular food on his own and fully recovered. But now- 3 years later- this clear and milky barfing issue came up. If this wet, sticky-looking barf is allowed to dry, it leaves yellow/brown stain. Also about 10 days ago we had to treat him and the other two cats we have with Acarexx for ear mites. We rescued a cat that was about a year old and she brought in the mites. Our two other cats have always been indoor kitties and now the kitten is too,

Any answers will be helpful short of taking him to a Vet again.

Answer by Kate
Well it could be a hairball. Cats will often sick up a clear or white liquid when they are trying to get rid of a hairball. Usually after a few days or so the hairball comes up on its own. There are some products that are said to help with this process.

However if a hairball is stuck then only a vet can remove it. I do have a web page about hairballs here for further information.

Poor cat does sound like he has been through the mill and well done you for pulling him through is illness last time.

best wishes Kate

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