Cat Supplements
For Tip Top Cat Health

Choosing the best quality cat supplements can help to ensure your kitty is getting all the nutrients they need to stay in tip top condition! 

Today's pet foods are designed to provide your cat with their basic daily nutritional requirements. 

However, some of the goodness can be lost during manufacturing and processing.

Pet supplements can help to provide extra nutritional support, especially following periods of ill health, stress or for specific cat health problems.

On this page, you can find out about some of the most useful supplements for cats such as:

Multi Vitamins and Minerals
Essential Fatty Acids

The pet supplements you choose might depend upon your animals own individual lifestyle, diet, age and state of health.

Some cat supplements such as SPARK from PetWellbeing, provide a broad range of all these natural ingredients that can be given every day, to help ensure your kitty lives a full, active and healthy life - so they are "thriving instead of just surviving!"

Daily Nutritional Supplement for Cats 50g

National Animal Supplement Council Approved

(please note, Spark is suitable for cats of all ages once weaned, but should be avoided in those with hyperthyroid or kidney failure)

Some of the most important nutritional supplements 


A healthy digestive system is essential to good cat health, just as it is in humans!

Good bacteria in the gut can become depleted during times of stress, ill health or changes in diet. This is when the bad bacteria can take over and cause various health problems.

Probiotics such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that are contained in SPARK, can help to keep the levels of good and bad gut bacteria in a healthy balance.

As well as helping with good digestion, it can help make sure that the immune system is functioning normally.

Probiotics are also recommended when your kitty is suffering from diarrhoea, flatulence or is taking prescribed antibiotics.

Multi Vitamins

Even though some cat vitamins and minerals are added back into pet food after manufacturing (to replace some of what is lost through processing) once the can or packet has been opened, these nutrients can start to break down.

So for example, by the time you have nearly reached the end of the kibble box, it may no longer contain many of the vitamins and minerals required to keep your pet healthy!

Home-cooked food for your kitty can also sometimes contain more phosphorus and not enough calcium.

Cat supplements such as SPARK contain a balanced range of the most important cat vitamins and minerals from natural sources that are easy to digest.

Spark comes as a powder that you simply sprinkle onto your regular cat food! How great is that? You don’t even have to try to get kitty to swallow a tablet!


Dietary enzymes also play an important role in cat health as they are needed to break food down to enable the body to absorb the nutrients from it.

Enzymes also help to protect against the development of allergies and immune disorders brought on by bad digestion.

Some signs of bad digestion can include bad breath, loose stools or constipation, lack of energy and skin and hair problems.

SPARK contains natural enzymes to assist with the digestion of fats, proteins, sugars, starch and cellulose.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not give two different cat supplements that contain the same vitamins or minerals together.
Too much of a particular supplement can in some cases be just as bad as too little. 
Or you may simply be wasting your money!
Always check the manufacturer's instructions and ask your vet if you are unsure of anything.

Essential Fatty Acids

Cats require Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in their diet just like we do!

Omega 6 is usually quite plentiful in their food (via poultry and oils from corn and soy added to their processed food).

However Omega 3 is not so prevalent in their daily diet.

Omega 3 is beneficial for the health of the liver, cardiovascular system, eyes and brain.

It also helps to prevent arthritis and other illness caused by inflammation.

It is found in varieties of oily fish, but even if your kitty eats mainly fish flavoured food, a lot of the benefits from Omega 3 can be destroyed in the food manufacturing process.

SPARK contains Omega 3 in the form of Flax and other Essential Fatty Acids such as GLA.

Making sure your cat gets enough of these nutrients will also help with:

  • good coat and skin condition
  • healthy immune system
  • strong cardiovascular system
  • keeping joints supple

So just like we might take a daily fish oil capsule to help keep us healthy, there are Omega 3 pet supplements for our kitties too!

Aging Cats

As your cat gets older they may require a little extra support from cat supplements to help maintain an active and healthy life through their senior years.

Such supplements may include:

  • A joint supplement to help prevent stiff joints, such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM
  • Extra cat vitamins or antioxidants to help boost the immune system and fight the damage caused by free radicals
  • A supplement to protect the heart and gum health, such as CoEnzyme Q10

So if you want your kitty to be in tip top condition, you may find that cat supplements can play a useful role in meeting all your cat health needs.

Remember to always follow the recommended guidelines for any pet supplements and speak to your vet if you have any questions or concerns.

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