cat talking at night

by sheri
(New York)

I have a 4 year old cat that recently started meowing (high pitched) at night, while she is doing this she has a small stuffed animal in her mouth, usually leaving it where she ended her "talking" she has been neutered when she was younger. Do you have any idea why she does this only at night, not every night.

thanks for any opinions.

Answer by Kate
Hi yes cats are naturally more active at night time and if your cat is meowing and carrying a stuffed animal it sounds like she is play acting the hunting behaviour. i.e carrying her prey around

meowing has lots of different communication meanings and we probably only understand a few of them.

but most is attention seeking i.e look what i've caught.

Night time is the natural time for cats to go hunting in the wild and so this is when this behaviour is most often displayed. It is completely natural and although annoying to us, is all part of being a happy cat.

Make sure that just before you go to bed you give her a meal, this often helps to settle them down at night. Also lots of different toys etc to keep her distracted and stimulated is a good idea if she is an active cat at night 9you may have to keep your door closed to stop her bringing you her pretend kills etc :) )

i have a page about the different types of toys and activities which help keep cats happy.

best wishes Kate

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