Find The Best Cat Tattoos And Cat Designs

Cat tattoos are very popular indeed and are probably one of the most common asked for design. But there are so many different designs to choose from, it can sometimes appear quite difficult to make the final decision. 

So I guess you're here on this page because you are a cat lover and are thinking of getting a tattoo of one yourself. So what will you choose a graceful, beautiful cat or a mean and terrible Tiger?

Cat Tattoo?.....Ummm....Should I? 

Both I and Matt have always liked the idea of getting a cat tattoo, but when we attended a convention a few years ago, it seemed that everyone was covered in skulls and devils! This was not what we were looking for. 

We were looking for something a little more elegant and recently we have noticed that there is a lot more choice and the artistry is the new designs is simply stunning. It really is like having your own work of art permanently on your body. From simple cartoons to highly stylised felines or the most realistic cat images you can imagine. It's all available. 

Just in case you were wondering, we are not both covered in tattoos ourselves, but we do have just a couple of discreet ones that we had done a few years back when we were feeling adventurous! 

Tattoo Designs - Try Before You Go Permanent

Having a tattoo is not a decision to enter into lightly as you will have to live with your chosen piece of skin art for the rest of your life!

We think it is important to test drive your chosen design before you have it permanently tattooed on your skin. Luckily there is an easy way to do that now. Simply buy a temporary design that you like and live with it for a few days. Then if you still like it you can simply take the design along to your tattooist and they can use it as a template.

Cat tattoos - Which Design Is Best For You?

A tattoo can be in any style you want, here are a few ideas for some of the different ways you may want your cat tattoo to look: 

Cartoon Cat Art - If you want something cheeky and humorous then these cute and cheeky kitty tats are perfect.

I love these simply drawn images, elegant but fun and something you won't get tired of it you decide to go permanent.

Tribal- Those of you who are fans of tribal art or futuristic art this lovely style of cat tattoo is really unusual for those of you who like something just a little bit different!

Abstract - The beautiful silhouette of a cat works really well for simple and graceful tattoo designs. These are my favourite as they can be so attractive and elegant. 

Wild Cats - Big cats such as Tigers, leopards and cheetahs are also popular choices.

They can be very powerful images which are not only beautiful but depict a strong self image too.

Our Past Experience of a Tattoo Artist.

One of the reasons we advocate trying out a temporary tattoo first and having a stencil of your choice to give to your tattooists is because of an experience we had a few years ago. 

We were quite nervous about visiting the tattoo artist and only had a vague idea of the sort of design we wanted. When we arrived, the tattooist seemed to be very impatient with us and wanted us to choose a design from his very old and tatty looking books. We must admit we felt very rushed and not at all comfortable. 

When we did finally decide on a design, the artist wanted to hand copy the design onto the arm. Matt had his done this way and although it wasn't terrible it definitely wasn’t as crisp as the original design. I changed my mind that day and waited to get my tattoo done somewhere else. 

It is always a good idea to try and find some good reviews about the tattoo artist you want to use. If possible try and find someone else who has used them. Sometimes you can ask the tattooist if they have any client who you can speak to. 

My advice is, never let yourself be rushed and if you feel at all uncomfortable with the situation, then leave. A tattoo is forever and can also cause some problems health wise if there are hygiene issues. Never be afraid to stick up for yourself. 

So good luck and have fun, and why not send us a photo of your cat tattoos so you can show them off to everyone here on our feline friendly site.

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