cat terrified when boyfriend comes over

by Devin

I have three cats and my one midnight used to adore my boyfriend but the all the sudden one day he was so scared when my boyfriend came over he less himself and slinked around the house, drooling at the mouth just looking terrified. He even a couple times fell flat on the floor in the kitchen with his legs spread out and looked like he was having a secure. I don't know what caused this but I have to now put him on the patio when my boyfriend comes over. But then my other cat Bella began to do this too last night. She happen to be sleeping in my room when he came over and all the sudden she came running from under the bed looking as if someone was going to kill her and she peed all over my bed and frightenedly ran from the room and wouldn't come out till an hour after he left. I have never seen a cat act like this before. And its only when he's around now.

This does sound strange and i wonder if it associated fear. What i mean by this is that something has frightened your cats, it could be a loud sound a strange smell , anew cat in the area etc and your cats are blaming your boyfriend for the fear. This is not unusual as is quite common. However it is unusual for your cat to drool or even collapse like you said. Also the fact that both cats are doing it make me wonder if they have eaten something bad or have over dosed on catnip.

If I were you and if this continued for more than a couple of days i would want to have a vet take a look at them as their reactions are very unusual. Also make sure your boyfriend is not wearing any strong smelling aftershaves etc and advise him not to approach the cats for awhile. If the behavior continues then i think you need to have your cats checked over. Also check your outside areas if your cats go outside to make sure there are no toxic plants in the garden.

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