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Healthy Kitty

Healthy Kitty


My cat, a 15 mo year old Domestic Shorthair (13 lbs - long but not fat) threw up for the first time ever tonight. It looked like a mix of wet and dry food, and there was some clear liquid with it.

When I got home from work (9:30pm) I gave him a can of wet food (Fancy Feast) but he wasn't exited about it like he normally is. (He also has hard food out all day too). Then he went to nap on the chair, even though he is usually a bit frisky in the evening (though he was up and playing all day until at least 3:30pm).

He came up to bed with me on his own accord but threw up as I was getting ready for sleep. Afterwards he let me pet and comfort him and then walked away.

Next, he climbed on the bed and went to sleep. This too made me a bit concerned because, as I said, he normally has more energy at night. We also have a cuddle ritual at night that he skipped.

At one point I tried playing with him and he seemed interested in the toy despite his sleepiness.

Also, when I cleaned the litter box today it smelled differently than usual. He hadn't covered the poo up as well as normal, so I thought that was it, but now I'm not sure.

I called the 24 hour vet clinic and they told me to call them back if he threw up again, otherwise to give him lots of fresh water and take away his food. I did all of that, but I'm still worried.

I love him so much and just want to make sure I do the right thing.

Thanks for your help.

Answer by Kate

Hi I can understand your concern, it is completely natural. however cats do throw up all the time sometimes just like babies. Sometimes, its due to a tummy upset, a change in food, a virus (like a cold etc) or hairball. All of these things are normal and should clear up on there own within a few days and just like the vet said, give them a little break from food etc and usually this helps their system settle down.

if the vomiting continues for more than a few days then this is the time to visit the vet for more investigation.

in all likelihood your cat will get over this in a day or so, so try not to worry. Over the years your cat will give you all sorts of times that you will worry about (i know), you be prepared and just take each incident as it comes.

Love the picture by the way and i hope all is well again soon.

best wishes kate

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