cat throwing up

by Amanda
(Syracuse, NY)

I have almost hit the point of giving up on our tiger kitty. I am very tired of cleaning up her vomit all over the house. She throws up her food every morning. Throughout the day, depending on how much she licks herself she throws up once to three times more. It is disgusting and making it an unhealthy place for my son. We love our kitty but this ha been going on for 2-3 months now and i have tried everything, nothing works. I am even thinking about getting rid of her but am afraid nobody will want her. Ive bought al sorts of shampoos, powders, dry foods- even ones to help with hairballs etc. What can i do? What does a vet usually charge?

Answer by Kate
Is your cat a long haired cat? if so you should be brushing them every day to get rid of loose fur and grit which may be contributing to hairballs etc.

If not then i would recommend feeding much smaller meals more often during the day which are a combination of dry and wet food. This may stop your cat eating too fast and too much which could be causing the vomiting. My cat used to be like that.

However I would say that if i was you i would take them to the vet anyway to get them checked out so that you can rule out any underlining illness. As for the price, vets all charge different prices. Give them a ring and find out how much it costs for an initial consultation. At least you will be equipted with more information and will be able to make more informed decisions.

best wishes Kate

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