cat too weak to walk

by Julie
(New-Brunwick Canada)

My cat is 6 months old, but now It can't even stand up! it doesnt eat much of drink much, but it still talks and purrs, it does everything like before ecept that it just look like it doesnt have any energy... Going to the vet is kind of expensive, I'm only 18 years old and I haven't work for a while and i'm going to college soon so I don't wanna go and pay 100$ to be told that they don't know what it has... what could it be?

Answer by Kate
i am a little confused , why do you think the vet would not know what the problem with your cat would be? They are trained and will be able to carry out tests to diagnose the problem, there is no other way of knowing what could be wrong with your cat. the list of possible problems is endless, from broken bones, tumours, thyroid issues, heart conditions, neurological etc etc.

What ever the problem is, your cat sounds very ill indeed and in need of urgent treatment. I understand that vet treatment is expensive but if you cannot afford treatment you will have to consider taking them to a animal shelter to allow them to treat the cat and hopefully find a new home for the cat. unfortunately cat ownership comes with responsibilities, including paying for bills and I know this may be sounding harsh but it is the same as taking care of anything human or animal. if you have difficulties paying then finding help elsewhere is your only other option.

i hope you don't take this response in a negative way, I am only thinking of the what is best for the health of the cat.

I hope you can find a way to get them to the vets soon.

best wishes Kate

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by: melissa

I've had 2 cats 6 mounths die of the same thing and 1 with the same thing 1year later . sadend

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