cat tooth poking out



i have just noticed that one of my cats 'fangs' is really long. she is approximately 13 years old, eating fine although a little skinny which i think is just her age. is this something is should be concerned about. You can see on this pic a black spot on her lower lip, this is now where the long tooth is.

Answer by Kate
oh how strange, I have not come across this before as there teeth are normally kept worn down by eating some dry kibble food. It could perhaps be that she has a slight deformity in her jaw, which has made the tooth jut out. All I can recommend is that you have it looked at by a vet to put your mind at rest at least.

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Can you help?
by: Anonymous

My 7 year old cat recently started losing weight and I noticed that one of his canine teeth has been pushed out of his gum. When I had a look he flinched when I touched it. I liquidised his meat but after having a bit he tips his head back and starts spitting the food out. He was doing this before I liquidated it and I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

cat losing weight due to toothache
by: Anonymous

If you see your cat is in pain or losing weight or generally looks miserable dont be a tool! take it to the vet your fur baby counts on you to help them so do everything you can to help them. Doing so could save them from the pain of a tooth that has been knocked from it's place or even save the cat's life as the tooth being wonky could indicate a more dire underlying condition. When in doubt ask yourself " If this happened to me would I see a dr.? if you said yes then find a vet to help.

Long Fang Tooth
by: Anonymous

One of our cats has developed a long fang tooth too. I'm not sure how old she is as she was a rescue but she is at least 10 (that's how long we have had her). She is extremely skinny but she always has been so that is nothing new. Normally the fang teeth are worn down by eating dry food. Except this cat hates dry food. Always has even before this tooth got long. I have checked it it isn't loose but it is very long.

Drooling and sticking fang with Happy ending :)))
by: Gary

Just a short note for now:

One of my cats had a fang(front tooth) sticking out his mouth; before that, there're some clear liquid coming out his mouth; and he walked away from the dish for the lunch for just once; but he still ate the supper as usual; then the drooling stopped for a few days(3 or 5 days), but it started to drool again; yet next day the drooling stopped; before I worry about how to remove the fang or let the fang return to the normal condition, I found the fang was dropped naturally on the floor without any blood or pain(I never heard any crying or noise) yesterday.

I've been doing Qigong healing for the cat; yet the result is so amazing; or cats have self-healing ability more or less ...

Mine had same
by: Georgie

Our cat developed a "fang" a year or two ago also (she's 15 now). I noticed blood around her mouth and was surprised to see the tooth when she had never had such a long one before. She had a bit of a hard time eating for a week or two and sliced her mouth on and off. Then, before we could really decide what to do, she seemed to adapt to the tooth and figured out how to eat without any more problems. About another week or so later (so maybe a month all told) we heard her crying and gagging by her food dish. The tooth had come loose and fell out. She managed to spit it out and that was that.

Tooth poking out
by: Anonymous

My 16 year old cat had a fang that started sticking out. It was abscessed and had to be pulled. It was not a pleasant experience for her, nor for me. If the infection doesn't drain properly, it can be very hard on the kidneys.

cat loosing weight
by: Anonymous

I have a male cat with 2 fang teeth that I think is keeping him from eating good and he is loosing weight

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