Cat trouble

My sister and I recently moved in together and she brought her 2 year old cat in with my 2 10 year old sister cats. Her cat has always been incredibly aggressive, climbing things and people, hissing and scratching, and breaking many lamps and other things on counter tops.

When she was fixed and declawed the behavior improved slightly. Her cat is now acting very aggressive towards me (biting and slapping me even when I try to give her a treat or food) and constantly runs up and hisses, and attacks my cats.

They are very calm, and my more dominant of the older cats has started to get so afraid of her she will hide under the covers of the bed and poop or pee or poop on the couch while running from her.

I feel awful that she is so afraid and am tired of having my bed used as the litterbox, but we cannot keep all of them separated all of the time. Why is this cat so insistent on being aggressive and why can't she just leave my cats to themselves?

Please help,

Desparate in New York

Answer by Kate
oh dear. What can i say, this sounds like a very difficult situation which i'm sorry to ay i ;m not sure can be altered.
Some cats are happy to be with other animals and people, mainly because they were socialised properly in the first seven weeks of their life. Other cats who weren't spend their life being afraid or aggressive towards other animals and people. they may be able to
bond with one person but sometimes that is all. M
Also it sounds as if you keep all your cats inside that may be because you live in an apartment i don't know. However having three cats living in a small environement could be very difficult indeed as all cats will need to have their own territory and space. And as your sisters cat has no territory of her own in this new home she is probably desperately trying to assert herself with the other cats to get some.

Her behavior is quite normal by the way, she is not being a nasty cat it is just how she has learnt to be and is behaving accordingly.

You could try reintroducing the cats slowly over a few weeks (see my introducing cats page under cat training) and also try spreading al of the cats scents around the home on door posts and furniture legs etc. It may help the new cat to feel happier in the home if she can smell her scent around.

All the cats will need their own separate litter trays and sleeping areas etc.

Also try playing regualr games with the cats especailly the new cat on her own. this helps in the bonding process and also helps to distract them from any stress they may be feeling in their new situation. See my page about cat play under cat toys heading.

I do hope things settle down soon for all of you. best wishes kate

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