cat turns bad

by Emily

I am a tweleve year old girl and have almost 3 yr old tourtoishell cat. A couple of days ago it started whenever i picked her up stroked her she bit me tore and my skin and scratched me and hissed. I used to be a bit rough when she was younger but i stopped and now play with her until she hisses at me. and whats odd is she's fine with my parents. She doesnt like one of my friends who is mean 2 her but she was fine with me!!!!! Please help!!!!!!

Answer by Kate
Sounds like your cat has associated children with being scared or being hurt. It may be that she remembers when you used to be rough with her or if one of your friends have been nasty to her. What you will have to do is gently over time slowly build her confidence up with you. Don't try to pick her up but when you are near her get down on the floor so that are down to her level, this is less threatening, offer treats to her at first but don't try and touch her at first. Then over time when you get down she will come to you for a stroke. But still don't pick her up for a while, let her get used to you just touching her. Play games with her like chasing string but never play games using your hands as the target, always use a toy. When you feel that she is more confident with you, you could gently pick her up. But when you do make sure that you hold her under your arm with her legs supported and not left to dangle, as this is frightening for a cat. This whole process may take some weeks, but it is worth it in the long run. You will have a wonderful relationship with your cat and your cat will be happier.

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