cat twitching and acting scared

by Britt
(Vancouver, Canada)

my four-year-old neutered cat started twitching on friday. The twitching is in his ears as well as his back, tail, and even legs. It starts running around and is very hyper like he is on fire or something else that he just can't handle.

He will then aggressively lick the side of his leg/thigh acting like he doesn't know what else to do. When we pick him up and hold him for awhile, he seems to calm down. He is on advantage for fleas.

I took him to a cats only vet yesterday and she said she couldn't figure out what could be wrong (she wasnt very helpful). The only thing she did notice was that he has really bad dandruff and recommended that I start putting fish oil in his food to see if that would help. She said his dry skin could be causing him to act this way.

She also suggested I get blood tests done if i dont notice an improvement. I think i will take him in next week for tests if this dosn't stop but I just want to get a few more opinions. He is eating drinking and going to the litter box fine (as far as I can tell). do you have any thoughts or advice?? Id really appriciate it. t
thanks so much

Answer by KAte
well my cat had a similar thing and it turned out to be that she was allergic to flea bites. Even though she was flea free it only took one to jump on her from outside and have a bite and it would set off a reaction. the vet would give her a anti histamine jab.

However there could be other causes, perhaps allergic reactions to something else

or there may be a nerve thing going on in which case blood tests would be the best option.

your vets does not sound very good at all. May i suggest you try and find another one. i have known great vets and some awful ones too. you must find one that you feel confident in.

i hope your cat is OK again soon

best wishes KAte

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