Cat urinary blockage

by Jodi

Hi there,

My male cat is 3. Five days ago I took him to the vet because he would not pass any urine. They catheterized him for a day and a half and had him on an IV. On the day after the catheterization, I went to visit him in the hospital and his IV had been turned off all day. The vet techs took no responsibility as they rushed around fixing all the things that I found they were neglecting.

The IV had been off, his catheter was detached from the drain tube, he was lying on a urine soaked towel all day. I was allowed to take him home the same day that the catheter was removed. He was urinating at the vet, but it was not a full stream.

The Dr said that due to the infection and the catheterization, it might take a few days for the inflammation to go down. He was sent home on amoxicillin.

It has been 3 days since he's been home, and the poor guy goes to the box repeatedly. Only small amounts of urine will come out, and when it does it drips. Still no stream as it is supposed to be.

I am getting concerned that maybe this vet completely botched the procedure in addition to the lack of care that my cat got at this place. I don't want to over-react by taking my cat back to a different Dr .. but I also dont want him to be miserable.

Can these things in fact take a long time to resolve? Is it normal for his urine to be dripping out at this stage?
Thanks for the tips..

Answer by KAte
How awful, that is disgusting and if i were you i would tell them where to put there bill.

If I were you i would definitely find another vet and take him along. It is better to be safe than sorry and you just don't know if the other vets caused any damage with the catheter etc. i would want to know for sure that there were no further problems.

Urinary infections can be quite nasty and can take a little time to recover but it is vital that there are no blockages as well.

I do hope he will be ok again soon.

best wishes Kate

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