Cat urinates on my husbands stuff

by Sarah
(Holdrege, Ne, US)

Why is our cat only urinating on my husband's side of the bed and on his clothes? We just recently got the cat and have discovered that she is pregnant. We think she is only about a year old. She does use the litter box as well. He's not mean to her.

Answer by Kate
Hi this is a common misunderstanding on our part. She is not angry with your husband or anything like that. in fact it is a sign that she feels very comfortable with him.

Let me explain, cats will use their urine not only as a territory marker but also as a way to make them feel more secure in their home. I.e if it smells of them everything must be Ok.

Often they will do this on someones clothes or side of the bed because these smell most strongly of them and this is also a comfort and they want to add their scent to this.

The little girl is probably still finding her feet in her new home and also if she is pregnant this may be her first litter this could also be making her anxious.

There is a method of litter training which uses a confinement method, it is designed to help rebuild the cats confidence i.e less space to have to worry about and it also gets them use to their litter tray as well. the process is described on this page

Also you will have to make sure that any traces of her urine are removed from the bed and clothes etc, even the tiniest spot will attract her back to this area. this page gives some suggestions as to how to make sure you get rid of it properly, i find a black light is also good for showing up any specks.

Just for your information i do also have a page about cat pregnancy which you may find of further interest

best wishes Kate

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