Cat urinating in my home

by Angela Mario

I have a 6 year old coon cat, that has started urinating in the house.

He has never done this before and he is neutered. I did recently rescue a kitten, and the little one starts rough housing with him, and he doesn't like it. I have an older cat in the house as well, but there isn't any problem there. He also doesn't urinate in the same place, its as if he is annoyed that I brought the little one in. I have always had animals in the house, up until last year, I had a dog, and they all got along.
Also, about a month ago, they all had fleas. (Probably brought in by the stray kitten). I brought them to the vet to be dipped and bathed. Upon getting them home, only the 6 year old's personality changed. From a loving and cuddly cat, he sometimes gets aggressive, even with me, and I was always the one he came to, to cuddle. Could that have something to do with it? I don't know what method they use to dip the cats, but this guy was NOT happy upon returning home. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Answer by KAte
Hi Angela
Well after reading your question i would say that your cat is feeling stressed and unsettled in his home right now and urination like this is there way of 1. making the house smell more like them which helps to comfort them and 2. marks their territory.

Even though your cat may have lived happily with other cat before it is not the case that this means they will be happy with any cat. Just like we humans like some people and not others.

Also the trip to the vets would have been upsetting for him and so this has added to his uneasiness.

So what to do, basically you need to help your cat re build his confidence again and the best way to do this is by giving him a period of litter re training using the confinement method. This would also be a good time to try and introduce the new kitten to him in a controlled safe environment.

Please see my pages about the litter retraining and cat introduction, they bot involve keeping the cat in one room for a time and should help your cat relax again.

here are the pages

best wishes Kate
P.s what a stunning looking cat.

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