Cat urinating in water bowl

by david mccabe
(bradford west yorkshire)

Hi my 1 yr old cat always wees in his tray, the tray is cleaned 3 times a week,he has now started doing it in his water bowl when empty he has done this twice now,i recently had him up to the vets because he was poorly,the vet put this down to an reaction to kitten food(wet).i now have him on dry medicated hypoallegenic food supplied through my vet.can you please think of any reason why my cat is doing this ,,yours david

Hi David
Well it could be several things. he may have had a slight urinary infection which can distress them enough to urinate elsewhere. Male cats can suffer from this more than females and that is why it is important that male cats drink plenty of water. Your dry food should encourage him to drink more.

The other possibility is that it is caused by some other upset in the home. In cases like this it can be difficult to identify the cause as it may something quite small as a change in smells around the home, a new cat in the area etc. This page has a little more about this issue here

I would wait and see if the new food routine helps to sort the problem out. Also make sure his food and water bowl are nowhere near his litter tray. This in itself can cause upset to some cats.

I also assume he is neutered by now. If not then this may be a good thing to have done now also as this prevents the usual tom spraying problems associated with tom cats.

Hope the new food etc helps solve your problem. My old cat had urinary problems for a few years but dry food and plenty of water helped sort that out.

best wishes kate

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