Cat Urinating On Hubby's Clothes Since I Became Pregnant

by Christi

Since I found out Im pregnant my 2 yr old female cat has taken to urinating on hubbys clothing which he leaves laying on the spare bed. His closet is in the spare room where her litter box once was so I dont know if she is confused or is simply acting out. We moved the litter box to a more convenient location in a closet we rarely use so she would have more privacy and there is also another litter box in the basement. The litter box move happened months ago but the urination problem started after I became pregnant. Hubby plays rough with her which she doesn't like but she is also attached to him and will wait by the door for him every night when its time for him to come home from work. When he goes away for his military reserve weekends, she waits and waits for him to come home every night as well and wont leave her post in front of the door till he does. I know she can sense that something is different and she has been very clingy with me lately. Ive been trying to give her lots of extra love and attention so she will feel more secure and wont be jealous when the baby comes. Getting rid of her just doesn't seem like an option I can live with. How do I get her to stop urinating on his clothes?

Answer by Kate
urinating on clothes is a common place for cats as they smell most strongly of you his family. This makes them feel secure and they want to add their scent to yours to make them feel secure.

I am guessing that your cat is probably reacting to things like smell (your hormones may have affected how you smell to your cat. your behavior since you have found out you were pregnant etc. cats can be very sensitive to change and this can make them feel anxious.

The behavior should settle down as they get used to the new situation but it may also help for you to give your cat some time out to calm down again and learn to use the litter tray again. use the confinement litter training method described on this Page.

best wishes Kate

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