Cat Urinating

Hi, I have a question, but firstly wanted to say that your your story about Mo brought a tear to my eye.... they certainly get into our hearts. Anyway, I have 4 cats, 1 of which I inherited and the other 3 were found as kittens in or around my garden. The older one, Bella (4½) and one of the younger ones, Bianca (18 months), seem to be vying for alpha pussycat (they are all females by the way), as a result Bianca has taken to urinating and poohing on top of my kitchen worktops... not very nice as you can imagine. It has only been going on for a month.. now I have also acquired cat no 4, Izzy (4 months), and although fur was flying to start with, they all now seem to have settled down ok. I read your tips on how to deal with cats urinating in the house and putting their food near the spot, but I don't want to encourage the cats to be on the kitchen work tops at all. Other than moving their food and keeping them out of the kitchen.. do you have any tips that might help please? Thanks Jan Garnett

Answer from Kate
Ouch a houseful of female cats, tricky.

Also you did not mention if they are spayed or not. If not then this would be your first consideration in helping this situation as it will help ease territorial issues etc.

Have you tried the confinement method of litter training? This may require several attempts to get this to work but is sometimes the only way you can get cats to calm down and use the litter trays.

i also assume that you have more than one litter tray for your cats as they do not like to share trays due to each others smells etc.

Also try using a strong citrus scented cleaner on your work surfaces as this helps to discourage them from those areas.

best of luck


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