cat uses litter box, sometimes pees on floor too

by Shasta

kitty face

kitty face

My cat uses her kitty box most of the time but every once in a while decides to pee on the floor. The litter box is accessible and in a quiet corner of the house, not to mention cleaned regularly. We do not have other pets. She doesn’t do it all the time, maybe twice a week or so. It’s driving me nuts! I think she may be lonely and have thought of bringing home another cat but am afraid I will then have an even bigger issue on my hands.

Whenever she goes, always number 1, she does it far away from anyone in the house, so there is no chance of catching her in the act. After looking online, I’ve decided to take her to the vet and make sure she doesn’t have a unary tract infection or anything else that me be the cause.
If all goes well and it turns out she's in good health, what should I do to make her stop ruining my carpet?

You are doing the right thing in having her checked first to see if she has any underlying illness which could be causing this behavior.

if she gets the all clear then it must be a scent marking issue. But why she feels the need to do this i'm not sure if you have no other animals.

As you say it may be an anxiety issue if your cat is so inclined


I assume she is spayed, if not then having her done may help this problem.

Your right about getting another cat. This is not always the answer in fact it is rarely so. Cats are not pack animals like dogs and if not brought up with other cats all their lives could cause the cat even more anxiety.

See what the vet says first and if she is given a clean bill of health then you may want to give her period of litter retraining. Please see this process here

best wishes kate

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