Cat using floor as toilet after surgery

by Amber
(League City, TX)

I recently took in a stray male cat that I believe to be 1.5 to 2 years old. I just had him neutered and a hernia repaired. The week after his surgeries, I kept him in an isolated area so that he could recover w/o being hassled by my 3 kiddos, other 2 cats and a dog. During this time, he urinated in a newspaper filled litter box. Since then, he will poop in the litter box, but insists on peeing on the tile. I try to redirect him to the litter box each time I catch him trying to pee someplace else in the house, but it just isn't working. All of my cats are inside/outside animals and my other two only use the litter box when it is raining outside. Most recently I have closed the door to our laundry room and left him in there over night so he would use the litter box, but he waits until morning and then immediately pees on the tile when I open the door. I have tried 3 different types of litter ... I need help! Do you have any suggestions???



Answer by Kate
i think that he is is using his urine as a scent marker in this case in an attempt to make himself feel more at home. It is used to mark territory but also helps to calm them down i.e if the home smells of them everything must be Ok.

this sort of behavior often occur when things happen or change and in this case your cat has gone through surgery, may be feeling a little odd and is trying to reassure himself again.

usually this behavior stops after a little while but if it does not then a period of litter re training using the confinement method described here often helps.

Also cats generally prefer their own litter tray as the smell of another cats urine etc is often off putting.

best wishes Kate

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