cat very weak after giving birth

by kalandar

my cat gave birth to 3 kittens 3 weeks back on 22nd April ..unfortunately,all the 3 kittens died at the moment .. :( she is not eating food. I feed her liquids with a syringe .. I feed her forcefully chicken in to her mouth. luckily , she drinks water by herself.I took her to the vet he gave her 3 injections of multivitamins & antibiotics.. please help me , I'm worried.

Sorry to hear your news.

When kittens die like this one of the reasons may have been that the mother cat was not healthy enough herself which may have made the kittens weak in the first place and also if her milk was not plentiful enough or of good quality.

So yes it was a good thing that you took your cat to see a vet as it does sound like she may have health problems herself.

having kittens can take its toll on cats body and thats why it is important that cats are not allowed to have litters when they are too young and also only when they are in good health themselves.

the vet obviously could not find any other cause for her illness other than she is nutritionally wanting. So as long as you continue to give her the supplements and also try to tempt her with a little top quality smelling food and also making sure she does get some fluids too to prevent dehydration then hopefully she will get stronger over time.

It is important that no other male cats get near her and tries to mate again during this time. In fact when she is stronger it would be better to have her spayed to spare her any more truama.

Give her some time and make sure that she gets only the best food etc.

I know you are worried but you are doing everything you can for her at this time.

I have pages on my site which covers cat food and nutritional requirements for cats which you may find of further interest here

best wishes kate

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about cat
by: Anonymous

my cat gave birth to 3 kittens on 8/5/13 now she is really weak in her back parts took to vet he gave her some pain medicine and some more meds her said sometimes after giving birth in it would affect nerves their back parts does this happen

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