cat vomiting and just laying down

by kristen

Im not sure whats wrong with my cat hes about 3 years old and when he was six months i got him fixed and soon after his belly started drooping almost like a pregnant cat after she would have her babies but this is a male and its been like that ever since... hes been acting funny for a while, at first i thought he had a uti cus he was peeing all over the house but then i got some uti food and gave him lots of water and a few other things and a few days later he was fine. Now i notice hes vomiting his food up and i havent noticed him eat since late night on the 13th and now when hes vomiting its clear sometimes white foam or mabye acid like, before it was the food you could tell. Now he just lays i notice hes moving cus he was just laying under my bed at first but then he was in the hall and when i woke up he was down stairs, so i know hes moving but when i picked him up and tried standing him he moved like 2 steps and looked like he was struggling, but he wasnt crying in pain and then he would lay there so i tryed again and he did the same thing so i left him there. I TRIED giving him his treats that i give to my two other cats and he wouldnt eat them so i know somethings wrong cus he never refuses them, i noticed he is using the litter box tho hes not messing on the floor, what could be wrong? what can i do to help besides taking him to the vet? I just noticed at this very moment when i went to go check him right quick he was laying under the table and pee was dripping out just a single drop at a time

Answer by Kate
kritian, you must take your cat to see the vet. if he does have a very bad urinary infection he will need antibiotics. he may also have a blockage there which is common in male cats and this is urgent and needs to be treated by a vet. i'm sorry but there really isn't another option. Once he is treated then you will have to continue to monitor him as he may be prone to them in future. i have a page about uti etc here for more information

It really is better to be safe than sorry and your cat definitely sound like he is in pain or discomfort. the sooner you can ghet him to see a vet the better.

best wishes Kate

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