cat vomiting blood

by sherry webb
(tupelo, ms)

my cat is 9 yrs old and is an indoor cat. she started randomly throwing up about a year ago; once the threw up the hairball, she was fine. over the last month it has gotten progressively worse and now she is throwing up blood. i took her to the vet, blood test showed slightly elevated white count, but she said that could be from stress....thyroid was normal. xrays showed great deal of poop, but vet said she had seen worse..we got pills for irritable bowel, laxitane, and i chnged her food to hills science for sensitive tummys. she's only thrown up 2 since Friday, but tonites had lots of bright red blood...wht do i do next? I have 2 cats, so am not sure if poop in litter box belongs to her or not..

Answer by Kate
So Sorry to hear that your cat is unwell. unfortunately I am not a vet myself and so cannot advise. if I were you i would persist with the vet. there must be a cause for this and it just may require some investinagtion by them to find out.

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cat vomiting blood
by: Anonymous

Ok, the first thing that came to mind is ulcers. If the blood is bright red then it is fresh. I suggest yo find another vet, because I don't know anyone who would simply do a white blood cell count and an x-ray and say, "oh well, let you animal continue to vomit blood". That sound suspicious to me.

My cat had similar issue
by: Anonymous

The vet I took him to took an x-ray, they didn't see anything unusual and sent us home with about 5 days of antibiotics. Two weeks later, he threw up more bloody saliva. Took to another vet: this vet took a more thorough xray and ran blood work. Little elevated blood cell count but normal. She said she consulted with other vets in the office and they are convinced that it involves a dietary intolerance!!
She said giving my cats popular grocery store snacks is like giving my child chips; feline junk food.
Going on almost a month; no more throw up and his fur has gotten noticably softer. He is going in for follow up blood work. I check what I am feeding my kitty. Just another lead for you. Good luck!

comment by Kate
thanks for letting me know the outcome. Sounds like the vets have tracked down the problem and that your cat is on the mend. great news.

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