cat vomiting problem

by lynn

hi. my cat is 14 years old. he has started vomiting several times the past day or two. it seems unusual. its quick without the pomp and circumstance of hairballs. its also many hours after eating. the most recent occurance was around 9 hours after a meal right before dinner. he was peacefully laying on the bed then he sat up and after one contraction liquid food gushing out. his behavior hasnt changed and his belly doesnt seem tender. he also seems to be eating with less gusto and avoiding his dry food. he had a bout of complete liver failure about 5 years ago where he turned bright yellow, lost half his body weight, and was so sick he couldnt lift his head. he survived after extensive antibiotics and according to the vet a miracle. that came on really fast this is different. any clue what might be happening? i always thought there would be no food left to vomit after that much time elapses? thanks for any suggestions!

Answer by Kate
sorry to hear that your cat is unwell. I am not a vet and so I do not presume to try and diagnose problems all i can do is give a few suggestions.

There are many illnesses where vomiting can be a symptom, from food poisoning or general poisoning to thyroid problems.

as your cat is not getting on in years and has health problems in the past it is best to have them checked by a vet. Thyroid issues are ore common as the cat ages (my own cat had this problem).

sorry I could not be more definite but really the only way to diagnose something like this will probably require tests etc.

I hope all is Well again soon
best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

my vet determined my boy has ibs. he is now on prednisole (spelling?). he gained back a whole pound after 2 weeks on medication.

same problem here
by: Anonymous

My cat starting throwing up after eating dry food at about the same age. He is now 17 and has to have moist food. I think that dry food is hard on old tummies.

by: lynn

thanks for the quick reply. the strange thing is except for the vomiting he feels fine. he is happy, purring, wanting to be held, and racing wildly thru the house. he seems so darn normal. will have to wait till friday for his appointment with the vet since they wont get paid till i do. before then if i notice he is having any other problems or starts feeling uncomfortable. when choosing vet over electric bill vet comes first!

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