cat vomiting

by stephanie
(lancaster, pa.)

my 10 year old cat has been throwing up recently ..sometimes her food other times liquid... I recently got a kitten 5 months ago. could she be upset enough by the new kitten ..She does not like her and she leaves her space if the kitten comes near her..there is nothing foreign in the vomit....I almost believe she is depressed .Is that possible? There are no other symptoms at ali. she has not lost weight either..please respond..

Answer by Kate
I don't think the vomiting has anything to do with the new kitten it is more likely that she has either got a fur ball or keeps getting them. Or she is eating her food to quickly, now this could have something to do with the new kitten as she may feel that she has to eat her food quickly as she is nervous of the other cat coming around.

Try feeding her smaller amounts at a time more often throughout the day, also make sure her food place is not near the other cats food and she is able to eat without the other cat being around, perhaps close the door etc. you could see if this has any effect.

you could also try a fur ball treatment just in case she has got a fur ball stuck. please see my web page about cat fur balls here for more advice

If the vomiting continues over an extended period and non of your measures change the situation then you will have to consider taking her to the vets for a more thorough examination.

As for the depression. Yes cats can get depressed (my own cat goes through periods like this too), you will need to make sure that she has lots to keep her distracted and stimulated around the home. I have also written a page about this too here

I hope your cat is better soon

best wishes KAte

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