Cat vomiting!

by Tibi
(Tirgu Mures, Romania)

my cat ma

my cat ma


Our one and a half year old cat Makaroni started vomiting 3 days ago (no blood, no foreign objects just white foamy goo)and stopped eating. We immediately took her to the vet and they said (after thoroughly inspecting her) she has a sore throat. they gave her some shots and after we brought her home the vomiting stopped. She started eating too although small amounts and she drinks a lot of water. Her behaviour didn`t change that much just that she doesn’t run around that often. And another thing I`ve noticed when she sits on my lap and I pet her she purrs like she likes it but her tail keeps moving around showing signs of nervousness. (Oh... she`s a 100% indoor cat )
My problem is that here in Romania pet care is not that evolved and i dont know if i can entirely trust the vet so any advice is welcome.

Well the vet you saw must have qualified somewhere so you could get with his receptionist where this was. Often vets will travel the world gaining experience and working in countries where they are needed the most. Here in England a lot of the vets are Australian or South African.
Hopefully they know what they are doing and have advised you correctly. Of course no one can be hundred percent sure and all they can do is advise you the best they can when they first see the cat. Sometimes if the symptoms persist a second and sometimes third visit is needed to pin down the diagnosis.

However from what you have described it is quite possible that your cat does just have a sore throat it is not unusual for cats to pick up colds and sore throats from time to time.

I have a webpage about cat vomiting and the causes etc which you may find of further help.

Just keep an eye on her over the next few days and make sure she drinks some water or cat milk. I wouldn’t be surprised if your cat is getting much better in a day or two. If not then do not be afraid to take her back to the vets. Sometimes this is needed.

Best wishes Kate

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by: Tibi

Thanks for the quick answer!

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