cat vomits at night

i have a 10 yr. old fixed female cat. my problem is at night she vomits and poops in the kitchen but uses the litter box all day. im thinking of getting rid of her if i cant get her to stop, any ideas?? please help

Answer by Kate
Hi, this does sound rather strange if she only does this at night. It would suggest to me that something at night time is making her feel fearful .

My first reaction would be to have her checked by a vet to see if there is a cause for the vomiting etc. It is bets to get any possible health causes out of the way first.

If it is behavioural then you will have to look at her night time routine and try and change it to see if that makes a difference. perhaps confining her with her bed and litter tray and fresh water at night may help to alleviate any fear. Make sure she has a good meal before bedtime and that you give her lots of reassuring play etc about half another before bedtime to tire her out a little.

You will have to keep this up for a quite a period of time to try and break any night time routines she may have got herself into.

Hope the situation improves for you both soon, I'm sure it will with a little patience and time.

best wishes Kate

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