Cat wakes me up at about 3 AM

by Glenda

I adopted a 3 year old RagDoll. She wakes me up a around 3:30, it can vary but I have to get up at 6 AM and I need my sleep. She will jump on me as I sleep and kneed me and wine while I am trying to sleep. I close the door and she will stay at that door and scratch at the bottom and not stop until I get up. She has no front claws and I would think her pads would be sore. I even resorted to putting her in another room and she will wine and scratch at the door. She is very persistent. Once I get up give her a little loving then she is off doing her own thing and I am sitting with coffee trying to wake up.

This can not go on because I really need to sleep and I do love her but I hate this habit. I have been trying to break it since March when she came to live with me. Two weeks after getting her, I went on vacation for three weeks and she was alone except for daily visitors to feed and pet her. Please help!

Answer by kate
This is a common problem for many owners I'm afraid. cats are naturally more active at night time and so this is when they want to play, hunt, get attention etc. they just can't understand why we are not so keen :)

The secret is to get your cat into a routine which she gets used to which allow you to get your nights sleep. this may take awhile to achieve but be persistent and she will get it eventually.

I always recommend that a good routine is

About half an hour before bedtime, give them a game with you which involves running around and chasing things etc. This will give them the interaction with you that they require it will also help to tire them out ( I used to do this every night with my own cat, in fact she would not settle down without the game.

Then just before bedtime give them some food. this will also encourage them to sleep afterwards.

make sure you keep them in a room over night where they have their bed, some water, access to the litter tray but also toys and things to do if they do wake up at night.

keep to this routine every night and after a while she will get used to not trying to wake you up before morning. It can be done, but be warned it does take a bit of time. It's just like parents who have to get their babies into a nightly routine to sleep through.

best wishes Kate

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