Cat waking me up every morning

by Pat

My cat (kitten) is getting on my bed at about 5: am and then putting her nose up my nostrils and sometimes even biting my nose. Any suggestions on breaking this habit? Thanks.

Answer by Kate
This is your cat’s attempt at getting you up so that you can feed or play with her. My own cat sometimes does this.
Unfortunately there are only two things you can do. One accept the behaviour and get up to sort her out or two never let her into your bedroom again at night by keeping the door closed and her in another room.
There is no half way house with this one I’m afraid as it is a very hard habit to try and break and it is a cats instinct to get up early or at night time and if it has already become a regular occurrence then you have to choose how you are going to deal with the situation with one of my suggestions.
For me I chose to get up and feed her as I like having her on my bed at night and so that was my choice.

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Cat waking us up 3am,5am, 6:30am.....
by: Petunia

I sympathise, our cat Mr Jones did this for about 3-4 months several times in the wee hours of the morning - and he was very persistent too !!!

It started off with his face in our faces, sitting on our shoulders/chests purring loudly. Then it would escalate to diving under the quilt to bite our toes. If we ignored this, he would turn it up a notch and swipe my partners butt (yes he sleeps in the nude !!!)

The end result .....??? Cat got his midnight snacks !

He is 2 yrs old and after 4 or so months he grew out of it. He sits patiently on the end of our bed for our alarm to go off ^^bless him^^ x

Me too
by: Melanie

My lovely, now 2 year old, cat Jasper did a similar thing. He would get up on my bed and tap me on the face or meow at about 6:00am. To start with I thought it was cute, so I'd roll onto my back and he would climb onto my chest for cuddles. The early mornings stopped being cute pretty quickly, so I started ignoring him or pushing him away until my alarm went off. Now he knows when he hears my alarm that it's time for hugs. I'll hear him run up the stairs and jump onto the bed. The only trouble is he's a big cat trying to snuggle up under my chin, and sometimes the weight on my chest can be a little much. But I love him and miss our morning hugs when I'm not home.

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