Cat walking in circles and more

by Missy

My 12 year old cat Max, has been acting strange for the past few days. He seems to be walking in circles (to the left) and walking along walls to his left. He also has been very vocal and acting not like himself in general. normally he is very, very affectionate, sleeps in our bed alot and is always by our sides.Since this has happened he sleeps alot, whines alot and seems a little confused. i was concerned about a stroke but all four legs are walking fine and he isnt falling and such.And as of now he has not lost his appetite. Please if you have any advise I wouls appreciate it! He is the most wonderful cat ever!

Answer by KAte
My advice is that you have to get him to a vet as soon as you can. This could be a eye sight problem , an inner ear problem or even a brain problem.

It is import ant that he is seen by a vet sooner rather than later as the earlier treatment can be given the better the outcome.

This really does sound like odd behavior and would suggest one of the issues mentioned above but without a proper diagnosis you cannot begin to help him if need be.

I hope is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Wslking in Circles
by: Carol B

We adopted a kitten with a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia(spelling?) He is 10 months old now and in the padt 3 months or so he has started walking in circles. It isn't constant but 3 or 4 times a week. Could this be related to his mild case of CH.

Hi Missy, seeing same behavior in my cat!
by: Chase

Hi Missy, i hope this post isnt too old and you'll read this. My cat is around the same age and has been behaving in almost the same exact ways you described. We're all very worried for him. We brought him to the vet, unfortunately they werent much help and his blood-work and such came back OK. Thus, they didn't really know whats wrong with him.

PLEASE, if you could email me at, if you would be so kind to share your experience and information on this so that i can help my kitty become healthy again!!


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