cat walking really low to the ground on back toes

by tyler mcgrath
(Erie, PA)

cat walking really low to ground

cat walking really low to ground

My cat is nearly 9 months old but just recently she has been walking odd, she walks normally with her front legs but with her back ones she gets really low to the ground and walks on her toes and meows often. When she rolls on her back it still seems to bother her but then after so long she's back to normal, it goes on and i move my hand along her spine she's fine until i reach around the beginning of her tail and to the outside of her legs where it's very tender. it seems like it would be a muscle spasm but it happens to often to be in my opinion.

I am not a vet and so could not say for sure but it sounds to me like she has suffered some truama to the base of her spine or tail.

I can't tell much from the picture but if this is how she walks then she must be in some discomfort.

To be honest with you you only really have one option and that is to take her to see your vet as soon as possible. This is important in case there is some damage which if left may cause her permanent pain or difficulty in walking. At the very least the vet will be able to give her some pain relief medication and possibly some anti inflammatory injections.

Check to see if there are no bite wounds on her tail. I say this as my own cat recently had problems and it wasn't until the vet found a very nasty wound which was not obvious to us that we discovered the cause of our cats pain.

Hope she is better soon


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