Cat wanders away everyday.

by Shale
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Everyday, after I feed my cat in the morning, she goes across the street to my neighbor's house and hangs out there all day. She then comes back for dinner and right after eating, she goes right back to my neighbor's house and hangs out and sleeps there until morning. My neighbor does play with her but not all the time ... Do you know why she could be doing this?

Answer by Kate
easy question to answer this one. Cats are fickle creatures and very much make up their own mind as to what they want to do and with whom.
I have had cats similar to this over the years who seem to treat my house as a restaurant but spend little time at home.
The simple answer is your cat just likes to spend time across the road. Why? we may never know. All you can do is to try and make her home environement more interesting and fun. Buy her some toys and a nice place to sleep, to try to engagae her in a few chasing string games with you etc. Hopefully she will change her mind and want to spend more time at home.

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