cat wanting to urinate all the time

by Jayne
(Neath ,Wales,United Kingdom)

My cat is named Jess she 3 years old and it started 2 days ago after the storm she just suddenly started peeing more frequently sometime she goes and nothing even once or twice she looked like she was having diffuculty but she is eating and drinking like normal and there no blood in her pee at all she is still very active and doesnt seem to be in any discomforted at all in fact she playing like normal.She just going no and again but she never used to go this much also she been trying to pee outside of her litter in different places im worried about her .. please help she acting like normal except for this sudden urge to go to toilet all the time. Ive only had her a year and my daughter loves her

well the urge to go to urinate and then nothing happening and also random peeing in these circumstances would suggest a urinary infection. these can be quite uncomfortable for a cat as well as distressing.

I have a web page about these here
My own cat used to suffer from them and your first action should be to take her to see a vet so that he can properly diagnose the issue. For us it was a matter of her not drinking enough water but an examination needs to be made first in case their is some other cause for infection.

Hope she is better soon


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To Kate .The Happy Ending
by: miss.j.powell

hello kate good news the vet gave her tablets he think it was cystis or what you said but also he found she had a ear infection but gave her drops she al ot better know and back home he said she is very healthy for a cat her age and he also said after having difficulty finding her bladder he commented on how small it was but laughed about it and said shell be fine.

Great to hear that she is generally ok and will be back to her old self again soon. Kate

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