Cat weight loss, No appetite, Dark vomit, Anal leakage...

by Kristina
(East Alton, IL, USA)

My cat just vomited some black or dark blue/green stuff up. She is also leaking brown fluids from her butt. For the past 3 months my 2 year old female cat's condition has been deteriorating. She has lost a massive amount of weight, refuses to eat, still drinks but not much, has a fever, is dehydrated, and hardly has the energy to stand and walk around anymore. We have been to the vet's office numerous times and they have only given her antibiotics and fluids. We had her tested for AIDs and Lukemia, which turned up negative. A full blood screen showed nothing but an increase in white blood cells, which could mean infection, but they have no idea where. She is withering away.. Help! What could be wrong with her?

Answer by Kate
Hi so sorry to hear of your cats illness. Unfortunately I am not a vet and so cannot even begin to try and diagnose the problem.

If I were in your situation I would take her to another vets for a second opinion. I say this because how one vet will approach a situation is completely different from another. I have had experience of this myself. Another vet may have some different ideas as to how to teat her or to test her. there is obviously something terribly wrong and a good vet will not stop until they find the cause.

I truly hope you can find someone who will be able to help you and your poor little girl.

best wishes KAte

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bad news
by: Kristina

She died last night... I cannot help being angry at the service I have received at this vet's office. At least now she is in no pain.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss and I can understand your anger. She did sound very ill indeed and i did find it odd that the vets were unable to discover what was wrong with her.

Like you say, at least she is in peace now.

God bless

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