cat whining at dinner time

by Chase

We have a cat that just loves food to death. At 4:00 (the time we feed him) he starts in on his whining -- he meows and meows and whines NONSTOP until he gets his food. We don't always have the time to drop everything and feed him right there and then, and would really like to find a way to make him break this annoying habit. Locking him up in the bathroom doesn't help, he just keeps on. I would appreacite any help, Thanks.

Answer by Kate
well this is not an easy question to answer. Generally most cats will cry and pester when it is food time, i know my cat does. It is a natural instinct from when they were kittens and since the relationship between cat and owner is kitten and mother it is not surprising that they use the crying etc with us.

I don't really think you can stop this, unless you try to break the meal times down into smaller chunks so that he is not so hungrey and desperate for food at meal times.
It may take some time to get him used to the new routine but it may help to curb his crying.

best wishes Kate

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Cat whining
by: Chase

Thanks, but the thing is, they have dry food all day long! This cat is just picky and whines when he wants his wet food.

by: Alissa

I agree with changing your feeding times. I give my cats half their daily allotment in the morning when I leave then give them the other half 12 hrs later in the evening. They get used to the routine and will let me know when it's time but at least they get fed twice and aren't hungry or looking for food for 23 hours of the day !! :-)

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