Cat with anal problem and weight issue

by A
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We have had issues with our cat's anal area. On occasion it will leak and can also shoot liquid straight out. It is a clear liquid that smells horribly. We have taken him to the vet 3 times for this specific issue in the last 2 years. They thought it would be from the anal sacks being to full so we have paid to drain them. This hasn't seemed to help. This will occur typically when he is over stimulated or when he is scared.

I have owned cat's growing up my entire life and have never had this issue with them.
Our cat is a big boy 21 lbs. we have had him on diet food for the last 2 years IAM's weight control. Do you think it could be from the food? Is that possible? The vet really wants us to get his weight down and it has been a struggle.
We got him when he was 6 months old and he was pretty sick when we adopted him. He will be 4 in may. We are doing are best to get him healthy and happy.
Any information or suggestions you might have would be really appreciated.
Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

Answer by Kate
well I really do think that his weight could be the cause of this problem or at least making it worse. he may be a cat who has trouble with his anal glands and his weight problem could be causing stress on his internal organs which could be making the problem worse.

It is good that you have taken him to the vets several times and are trying to get his weight down but if the weight is not shifting then you will have to seek further guidance from the vet. I know that fat cats can be extreamly lazy which means that even on diet food they do not loose weight. In which case the only answer is to make him more active your self. This can be very time consuming but may be the only answer. the vet will probably confirm this and may be able to give you some ideas as to how to do this affectivily.

Once the weight issue is not there any more I wouldn't be surprised if the anla problem decreases also.

I wish you both the best of luck and I know it may be hard going for a while but it will definately be worth it for both of you in the end.

best wishes Kate

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