cat with problems at nights

hi I have 9 month old cat named kitty i love him but he starts to bother every one during nights he makes sound an tries to wake every one up he become very playfull at nights and dont let us sleep all night long i really love him but his behaviour make me exhusted i cant stay up in the morning at work if it continous like it i will have to set him free please help me


Answer by Kate

Is he neutered? If not then this will help to stop these night time caterwauling. If he is then it is simply normal for cats to be more active at night time. you need to play a runaround game with him about 30 minutes before bedtime and then give him a meal just before bed. these two things will help to settle him down.

However you may also have to keep him in a separate room as even now my two wake me up at 4 am to be let out.

Please do not "let him free" that is a cruel thing to do. If you feel you can no longer look after him then please take him to a aninmal shelter to be rehomed. the life of a stray cat is not a pleasant one at all.

best wishes Kate

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