cat with swollen leg

by rachael
(Battle Creek, MI, USA)

My cat's front right leg is twice the size it's suppose to be. I can't see any cuts, bruises,oozing, or any of that. All he is doing is sleeping and he can jump down from things and up it's just that when he's walking he wont put any pressure AT ALL on it. It could just be another cat bite, but it looks like his thumb nail is twisted the wrong way, I'm afraid he got caught in a trap and yanked it out or something.

worried cat lover,


P.S my cat's name is Butterscotch and he is male.

Answer by Kate
your cat needs to see a vet as soon as possible. he may have broken or fractured something in his leg, it sounds like an infection has set in too with the swelling etc. Even if he has only bruised or twisted something he needs to have medical attention to prevent the injury getting any worth. At the very least you have no idea how much pain of discomfort he could be in, cats are incredible good at covering this up.

Any injury like this needs to be treated as soon as possible before a serious infection sets in or permanent damage occurs.

i really hope he is well again soon, you must be so worried. vets are very good at what they do these days and so I'm sure they can sort him out .

best wishes Kate

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Kitten front legs swollen
by: Anonymous

My five week old kitten has stopped eating and I have had to be force feeding him for the past four days. Now both his front Legs are swollen from the shoulder.....HELP

my cat's swollen leg
by: Anonymous

my 3 yr old cat is full of allergies and gets shots at least twice a year. this morning I noticed her right front leg was swollen twice the size as her left (which never happened before) and she has a bald spot on her left leg from licking the fur off. I took her to the vets and found out that my new kitten bit her too hard which caused her leg to bruise and swell. The vet said it might've hurt too bad to lick so she licked the other leg.

Did you ever figure out what was wrong
by: Anonymous

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with butterscotch? My cats leg is swollen too and he can put some pressure but not much.

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